my nose is bleeding

scentless and bleeding

i wonder what i’m doing

right now where are you and

why have you forsaken me

my eyes are bleeding

sightless and bleeding

where have you been lately

no phone calls no postcards no nothing

not a soul why have you forsaken me

my ears are bleeding

soundless and bleeding

where is the world and

why is it there

excuse me do i know you

do you know me

how come we are here

at the same time

my fingers are bleeding

senseless and bleeding

where have we been

all this time

no phonecalls no postcards no nothing

waiting to cut out the dead wood


my feet are bleeding

motionless and bleeding

fighting for breath

for breath

for your breath

to blow upon me

my mouth is bleeding

voiceless and bleeding

i mean no harm

i harm no mean

mean me no harm in return

we don’t belong

to anybody


let us bleed

to life


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